Gamajet Tank Washing Systems

Gamajet's rotary impingement tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets. Cleaning occurs at the point in which the concentrated stream impacts the surface. It is this impact and the tangential force that radiates from that point which blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior. In conjunction with this impact, the Gamajet is engineered to rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360-degree pattern. This full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned, every time. This combination of impact in a controlled indexing pattern results in an economic ideal, because impact is a one time investment; chemicals, temperature and time are continual, never-ending expenditures. With a short ROI, Gamajets impingement cleaning is GUARANTEED to positively impact the ultimate scorecard, your bottom line.

Customers That Covert From Sprayballs to Gamajet Typically Experience

  • 100% Satisfaction with Cleaning Effectiveness
  • 70-80% Decrease in Effluent Use (Chemicals and Water)
  • 75-85% Decrease in Time Spent Cleaning
  • 10-20% Increase in Productivity
  • 90-100% Decrease in Confined Space Entry

How Does The Gamajet Work?

Gamajet’s Rotary Impingement process is mechanically engineered (Gear Driven) to scour every square inch of the tank or vessel in a repeatable and reliable manner. As the nozzles rotate on a vertical plane, they index two-degrees on a horizontal plane, creating a repeatable and reliable, full-coverage, pattern. The speed of rotation is mechanically designed into the machine based on pressure and flow. Therefore if these factors (pressure and flow) remain constant, the cleaning pattern remains constant and the machine cleans in the exact same pattern at the exact same speed, every time. Wear parts have no effect on this process, making it 100% validatable. We also have a validation accessory for extra assurance.

Optimizing Impact through Design

Gamajet machines are designed to offer the optimal output of force with the least flow and pressure to create the most effective and efficient cleaning. With decades of experience in tank cleaning, we know the specific amount of force it takes to clean nearly every vessel. For example, we know that it takes 15lbs of force to clean the interior of a polyurethane tote with dried on paint residue. To achieve that 15lbs, our Gamajet 9 configured with a large stator and 1.50 nozzles at 19 GPM and 700 PSI would easily do the job. 

Limited leakage

Many machines suffer from a significant amount of leakage. Rotary Impingement machines are designed to optimize the flow going into the machine. If a majority of that flow is getting lost throughout the cleaning process the force on the interior of the tank is reduced. Gamajet machines use the highest percentage of flow going into the machine, with a small volume of controlled leakage designed and implemented into the machines to reduce pressure and clean the machine. The percentage of leakage permitted is typically less than 3%. (See chart below for comparisons)

Flow Rate Supplied120 gpm (455 lpm)120 gpm (455 lpm)
Flow Rate after Leakage116 gpm (440 lpm)90 gpm (340 lpm)
Flow Rate Per Nozzle58 gpm (220 lpm)22.5 gpm (85 lpm)
Impact at 20ft (6.1 M)30 lbs10 lbs
Impact at 30ft (9.2M)27 lbs7 lbs
Impact at 40ft (12.2M)22 lbs4 lbs

Safe: Eliminate Confined Space Entry

Gamajet machines are automated tank cleaners, therefore designed to replace the manual entry and cleaning of tanks. They may be permanently installed or used portably from tank to tank. For the portable applications they are dynamically balanced so that they may be lowered into a tank on a flexible hose. Gamajet has also developed a variety of other accessories to reduce this risk, if entry above the tank is unavailable, such as the Gamajet Cart or Tri-pod. Companies that were manually cleaning, or required to touch up cleaning in areas in which other automated tank cleaning machines have failed, have experienced 100% elimination of confined space entry as it pertains to cleaning.


Gamajet Product Range

Gamajet Product Range
ModelImpact (Max)Cleaning RangePressure RequiredFlow RequiredCycle TimeNote 1Note 2
Gamajet IV85lbs at 25ft100ft20-700psi30-320gpm10-25minSelf Cleaning / DrainingDirectional Optional
Gamajet Aseptic 110lbs at 10ft25ft20-80psi20-70gpm3-6minSelf Cleaning / Draining3-A
Gamajet VIII40lbs at 25ft35ft20-1000psi25-130gpm8-12minSelf Cleaning / Draining 
Gamajet PowerFLEX25lbs at 25ft30ft30-500psi20-120gpm8-20minSelf Cleaning / DrainingUltra Sanitary Design
Gamajet X85lbs at 25ft100ft20-700psi30-320gpm10-25minSelf Cleaning / DrainingDirectional Optional
Gamajet V15lbs at 10ft7 1/2ft50-1200psi5-45gpm8-11minDirectional Option 
Gamajet IX12lbs at 10ft7 1/2ft50-1000psi3-30gpm4-12minSelf Cleaning / DrainingIdeal for Totes and IBCs
Gamajet NanoJET7lbs at 5ft7 1/2ft20-200psi5-30gpm4-20minSelf Cleaning / DrainingUltra Sanitary Design
Gama AlphaJET7lbs at 5ft10ft50-100psi6-20gpm4-20minFits through Standard ASTs 
Gamajet Aseptic VI10lbs at 5ft5ft10-700lbs5-40gpm10-14minSelf Cleaning / DrainingUltra Sanitary Design
Gamajet GentleJET1 lb at 2 1/2ft1 1/2ft60psi6gpm1-2 minBarrel Cleaning 
Gamajet VII5lbs at 2 1/2ft2 1/2ft50-1500psi2-8gpm2-5min  
Gamajet Intrepid3lb at 2 1/2ft2 1/2ft10-80psi5-25gpm4-8minSelf Cleaning / DrainingUltra Sanitary Design
Gamajet AIO Flex-HD Barrel Blaster5lbs at 2 1/2ft2 1/2ft50-1000psi3 1/2-6psi2-5 min